Are you unsure about a few things? Please feel free to look over our FAQ’s and contact us should you have further questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am planning to build a new home, extend or renovate but don't know where to start?

  • Give us a call we will walk you through the process, by working with you and one of our recommended design professionals to get the job underway.
  • If you have your plans already that’s great!
  • If not, we offer a full design and construct service, working closely with quality architects and draft persons.
  • We can submit your plans to council for approval, and, of course, construct you project.

I am planning to build a sustainable home? Are you qualified to build sustainable homes?

Yes we are. We employ HIA accredited Greensmart Professionals.

They say planning is key? What should I be considering in the planning stages?

Know your budget and be prepared to be realistic.  Preliminary discussions should be had with a reputable builder to establish whether your project is achievable on your budget allowance.

Know Your Wants and Needs –

Create a solid brief for your builder and design professional.  What look are you trying to accomplish for your home or renovation? Create a clear wish list, this should include all inclusions and finishes. Utilise resources like HOUZZ to collect ideas, photos and information, this will assist you to communicate how you visualise your completed home.  You can share your ideas via the Houzz with your builder and design professional.  If you are unsure ask for advice from your builder and design professional.  They have vast practical and design experience and have seen the good, bad and the ugly! They can steer you in the right direction, avoiding costly mistakes. Keep in mind the cheapest fixtures and fittings may be enticing as you see your potential costs mounting, but by selecting quality materials and design you will increase your home’s desirability and function, reducing the need for short and medium term maintenance.

Consider Future Proofing Your Home –

Clever planning in the design stage can save you tens of thousands in the future.  Consider the different stages of your family growth and consider current and future needs to ensure all future planning has been considered.

What is entailed in the approval process?

Allow time for the approval process.  This can take on average 4 – 6 weeks or even longer depending on backlog in your area.

Allowing your builder, architect or planner to manage the approval process on your behalf, eliminates the need for you to undergo the tedious and sometimes stressful back and forth with authorities in order to get your project underway.

Approval can be gained in two ways:

Development Application (DA) – conventional process for development consent. Proposed works are considered and creates conditions for approval.

Complying Development Certificate (CDC) – a process developed to fast track approval whereby the proposed works need to meet a predetermined list of conditions as set out.  This is a great option where a project can easily meet state and local planning controls.

What costs are associated with the planning and approval process?

Depending on your scope of works, consider that some of these may be associated with planning your budget.

  • Builder Consultation
  • Architect or Draftsperson consultation and drawings
  • Surveying
  • Geotechnical Survey
  • Soil Report
  • Structural Engineers Report
  • Hydraulic Engineers Report
  • Water Authority Checks
  • Development Application
  • Building Certifier costs
  • Long Service Levy
  • Home Owners Warranty Insurance











How soon could you start

Good builders are in high demand.  This may mean that there could be a lead time between planning and commencement of your build.  However depending on the size and complexity of the job, we may be able to plan for your job between other projects if viable to do so.  Contact to discuss our availability.

Quotation time - what should I expect?

It’s all in the detail. Your quotation should be very specific and detailed. If you are presented with a brief quotation lacking in detail you should be questioning your choice of builder.  In order to produce an accurate quotation, every detail large and small needs to be taken into account.  In order to achieve accuracy your builder will need to consult with other trade professionals whilst taking every aspect into account. An accurate and precise end figure is achieved by taking every costing into consideration so that the client can confidently start their journey knowing that they are not about to experience a budget blowout. A highly detailed quote tells you that you are dealing with a professional, that all costs have been considered, and that attention has been paid to your budget.

Beware of quotations lacking in detail, generalist quotes (m2 estimations), and those that have been produced with exceptional turnaround time.  This is simply not viable when determining an accurate quotation. Depending on the scope of works for your project allow approximately 4 weeks for return of your quotation.

What are my pricing options?

Fixed Pricing:

This is based on a fixed price at the onset for a set scope of works.  This is a great way to go.  Our client can be confident that we guarantee you will not incur further costs to your project, unless you add/make changes to the original scope of works, or exceed your PC/Provisional sum allowances which are stated in your contract.

Cost Plus Pricing:

Cost plus, can be an option on jobs with a lot of unknowns and hidden conditions, such as repair works that may come to light such as for instance in inaccessible areas, and other unforeseen issues that raise their heads once work has started.  While generally used for smaller jobs, these contracts are sometimes used for large jobs as well.  We bill the client for the cost of labour, materials, subcontractors, plus a percentage to cover our overheads and profit.

In general, cost plus work is an open book process where bills from the contractor include documentation of all hard costs.  This would include invoices for materials and subcontractors, as well as work hours and billing rates for direct labour supplied by the contractor.  This is a trust-but-verify process to ensure that the contractor is keeping good records and billing responsibly.  The risks associated however are that if the customer continues to add to their scope of works their initial costs could spiral.

How do our quotations differ from our competitors?

We practice responsible pricing methods only.  We do not price on a $/square metre rate. This quotation method can be extremely unreliable for the client as it is hinged on many different variables such as selections, level of finishes etc.  This may eventuate in a costing blowout for clients if not kept in check.  This method should be used as a preliminary indication only.  When we provide you with a fixed price quotation you can be assured that the price quoted will be your final cost toward the project.  No nasty surprises.  Be cautious of a vague approach to quoting as your additional costs can add up very quickly and leave you out of pocket.

Variations - can I make some minor changes after signing my contract?

  • A simple signed Post Contract Variation Agreement will be created to reflect your preferred changes.
  • Once  the contract variation is signed by yourself, we make the necessary adjustments to your project and continue on towards project completion.

What are PC Items and Provisional Sums?

These are items that do not have a definite selection, or price at the time of the contract. We make a fair allowance in the contract for such items based on an estimated mid range pricing rate. Given this there is room for variation in price depending on the selections you make.  If you spend less the unspent amount is credited back to you.

These items could include appliances, bathroom fittings, door handles etc.

Each allowance will be clearly stated within your quotation.

Am I restricted to a certain range of accessories and finishes?

  • No, you are free to use any accessories of your choosing. We offer custom building solutions and therefore you are not restricted in any way.
  • We can allow for an accessories budget in your quotation
  • Or you can choose to purchase some/all of them independently.
  • We will only recommend quality products, but product choice is always yours.

Am I able to supply my own materials, items or use my own trades?

We would be obliging should you wish to supply your own materials/items or use of your trades.

However,  you should be aware that we would not take any responsibility for the warranty of items, materials or trade works undertaken in this instance.  We would also not be responsible for supervision or overseeing of any works undertaken by a subcontractor not contracted by ourselves on any given project.  As a reputable builder with a reputation for excellence in quality and customer service, we only align ourselves with highly reputable and trusted sub contractors. For this reason we would recommend leaving this concern to our team, so you can be assured all aspects of your project will be effectively completed to a high industry standard.

Will I speak with someone in the office or the builder?

  • Proctor Building Solutions is structured so you are dealing with the Directors either on the site or in the office.
  • Ken is predominantly site based and hands on.
  • Daniel is predominantly office based and deals with the administration process of the project.
  • Either way, your inquiries are dealt with by the owners, and we will always get back to you, in respect to your enquiry.

Will you provide me with a project timeline?

  • Yes we advise you of the estimated time to complete the project.
  • An estimated completion date is based on live progress and will most likely change throughout the project. Any change to this date is relayed to you during our weekly communications.
  • Although we are always time conscious, we will we always maintain our highest of quality standards.

Wet weather - How will this affect the completion date?

  • Bad weather may affect your expected completion date, but every effort will be made to commit and adhere to your expected completion date as much as is possible under the circumstances.

Do you service remote locations?

Yes we do.  We have worked as far afield as Brewarrina and Bourke. However these projects are looked at on a case by case basis.  Please contact us to discuss your project plans should you be located in a remote location.

Can you assist with landscaping projects in addition to my build?

Yes, in addition to renovating or extending your home we can also assist with landscaping and retaining walls etc.

What is Home Warranty Insurance?

Any project undertaken in NSW over the value of $20,000 must be covered by Home Warranty Insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund Scheme which is run by the State Government.

As your builder we take this out on your behalf, and the premium amount is relative to your contract value. This insurance covers structural building works for 6 years and minor defects for 2 years to protect you in the event that your builder cannot rectify the works due to absence or insolvency.

What level of after sales service is provided?

  • Our client care doesn’t end just because your project does.
  • You can be assured of Proctor Building’s exceptional quality, and have peace of mind by receiving our 7 year structural warranty against our workmanship.
  • We also understand some matters don”t come to mind until well after your project has finished, so we’re still there for you at any stage after completion.
  • Our history of excellent service and client care has meant that over the decades we have had many repeat clients.  This is as a result of our commitment to quality and ongoing service to ensure our customers continue to feel supported and assisted with their building and renovation needs.